Have you been searching online for a unique gift for a new born baby but have failed to find anything that appeals to you?  If so, look no further than The Little Lavender Tree  https://www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk/  who offer a selection of fabulous baby gifts from babygros to hats to sleeping bags to socks and leggings, and everything else that new parents could possibly need and will be very well received a s a gift.

The Little Lavender Tree sells only high quality baby products that are made from the very finest materials such as their romper suits in 100% organic cotton, baby shoes in  beautiful soft suede and leather,  and swaddling in Merino which is breathable and stretches perfectly to fit baby’s body shape for warmth and comfort.  With prices starting at only £8 for a gorgeous soft comfort blanket which is available in a variety of funky designs, there is a gift to suit every budget at The Little Lavender Tree online boutique.

And not only is shopping online easy with The Little Lavender Tree but they will gift wrap your item and attach a personal message so that your present can be delivered direct to your recipients door so creating a wonderful surprise when the postman rings the bell.

To view the full range of gifts for new-born babies at The Little Lavender Tree, visit their website at www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk, and you can contact a member of the helpful team by filling in a form on their website.

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The birth of a new addition to your family is a very exciting time and naturally you will want to buy only the very best for your baby. One of the key items in baby’s wardrobe will be his/her romper suits and it is essential that you choose romper suits that are kind to delicate skin, warm and cosy when worn in the winter months  and cool in the summer, easy to wash and care for and durable for constant use and washing.

Online baby boutique The Little Lavender Tree website has a selection of adorable romper suits that are perfect for your baby made from soft and gorgeous 100% organic cotton. They offer a range of really cute designs in a wide selection of colours from traditional blue and pink to raspberry, black, green, nautical stripes and delightful bunny designs that come in a boxed gift set including a hat for only £18.90.

Little Lavender Tree romper suits make a great gift if a member of your family or a close friend has recently had a baby or if you are attending a baby shower to celebrate a forthcoming birth as they can be supplied gift wrapped with a personalised message on a gift tag. All purchases are made through their secure website https://www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk/product-category/baby/ and can be despatched direct to your recipient if purchased as a gift.

The Little Lavender Tree online baby boutique also offers a range of fabulous babygros, leggings, socks, bibs, vests, hats, t-shirts, hoodies, dresses skirts and nightwear for babies and small children.

To view the full range at The Little Lavender Tree, visit their website at www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk, and you can contact a member of the helpful team by filling in a form on their website.

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Baby showers are growing more and more popular. When I had my first child, just over 8 years ago and my second one 6 years ago, nobody that I knew has ever had a baby shower. Maybe if you were a celebrity mum, a yummy mummy from a trendy postcode and in keeping with the trends in the US, you would probably have had the pleasure to be showered with lovely gifts for your baby soon to come. Back then, most people in this country didn’t.When I had my third baby, just over 2 years ago, I was surprised by a dear friend with a (surprise) baby shower and since then everyone I know, who is having a baby, is having one.Baby showers are mainly an American tradition, you might like them or not, but I am sure most mummys-to-be would be over the moon if someone organised one for them..
They are normally organised by a friend, are mainly a female-only affair and take place about 4-6 weeks before the baby is due (although for the last one I organised baby came the following day!).The occasion is a good one to spoil the mum-to-be, eat lots of cakes, have some fun with friends playing silly games and give lots of cute baby gifts.Games are a good way to get everyone in the mood and get the mum-to-be to relax. Ideas include guess the baby’s weight, guess the size of the bump, divide the guests in teams and organise a baby themed quiz, guess who’s the baby from celebrities pictures, blindfolded nappy changing etc..In terms of gifts, I am always a big fan of quality over quantity. And a good balance between useful and cute, ideally both.

At The Little Lavender Tree (www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk) we have a vast range of gifts for babies that are of the highest quality, organic or fair trade whenever possible, cute or cool, useful or playful, but always different from what you can normally get on the high street.

We have looked far and wide for the best selection of baby gifts and, best of all, we gift wrap them for free, hand write your message and send them directly to the recipient.
We can always put together presentation boxes with the best selection of gifts, using one of our quality keepsake boxes and lovely ribbons .

Here are some ideas we love, well under £50:
Understated and elegant: a gorgeous swaddle in merino wool from Merino Kids. The best material you can swaddle your baby in and keep their temperature not too hot, not too cold, just right.
Add a designer rattle from Esthex, originally designed in the Netherlands to keep baby company.

Cute: Anything from The Rufus collection: the organic babygro and hat set combined with one of the gorgeous rattles and the cutlery set, the plush toy combined with the melamine set..we just love them all!


Practical and useful: An animal shaped bath towel (it is very big, so can be used for toddlers years as well), a pack of 3 cute dribble cloths and a set of 6 pairs of socks.
Everything will be used over and over again!

– Nautical: Organic stripy playsuit, matching bandana bib and boat themed baby shoes. Trendy and cool!
Of course you can always opt for a traditional box of cupcakes..this time with a twist..
This gorgeous box contains 4 beautiful short sleeved bodysuits, presented in a pretty spotted cake box in the shape of 4 yummy cupcakes.

Made from 100% cotton, each bodysuit is encased in its own cupcake wrapper and topped with a flower.

Available in pink, blue or lemon.


Or another option is these 6 pairs of socks presented in a pretty spotted cake box in the shape of yummy cupcakes.

Made from 100% cotton, each pair of socks is encased in its own cupcake wrapper and topped with a silver flower.

And don’t forget the older siblings! We love the Bobo friends, 3 in1 backpack, pillow and blanket..perfect for those long journeys, for nursery or school or a sleepover!


As busy mum with a baby and a home to look after you may simply not have the time, or even the energy, to go shopping on the high street for your baby’s clothes, and let’s face it the prospect of taking a baby shopping especially in the current Xmas shopping rush isn’t ideal for a relaxing afternoon of retail therapy!  So the ideal option is to buy your baby’s clothes online but where is the place to shop for top quality unique baby clothes at affordable prices? Well the answer is The Little Lavender Tree at https://www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk/

The Little Lavender Tree website offers a wide choice of adorable baby clothes for new-borns including babygros, leggings, socks, hats, bibs, vests through to hoodies, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, nightwear and even a funky range of personalised clothing  for toddlers and children. The professional team at The Little Lavender Tree source only the very best quality baby products at affordable prices that will be long lasting, robust and look good wash after wash.

They offer clothes from well-known brands such as Inch Blue and Organics for Kids and also some new designers to the baby clothes. Most of all The Little Lavender Tree offers baby clothes that will look adorable on your baby in bright patterns and designs, and all can be bought from the comfort of your sofa delivered direct to your door with just the click of a mouse.

For the very best bay clothes online visit The Little Lavender Tree website today.


As a new parent you will appreciate that a good night’s sleep is essential for the healthy growth and development of baby, and putting your baby to bed in a warm and cosy safe environment that will keep her/him at the right temperature will help to ensure a good night’s sleep for both baby and for yourself, with less intervals of broken sleep and crying due to discomfort.

For the very best in bedding for your baby visit one of the most popular retail websites for unique clothing, bedding and toys for babies and children, The Little Lavender Tree https://www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk/.

The Little Lavender Tree offers a truly delightful selection of bedding for your baby that is made from the very finest materials, will wash beautifully time after time and still look good and is very affordably priced.

One of The Little Lavender Tree’s best sellers is their 100% natural Swiss wool and organic cotton blanket which is the perfect choice for your baby’s bedding. The totally natural materials of this baby blanket will help to regulate baby’s temperature meaning that he/she will have a restful night’s sleep as baby will maintain the ideal  body temperature so enabling him/her to sleep through without periods of waking up due to being uncomfortably hot or feeling the cold.

The Little Lavender Tree Swiss wool and organic cotton blanket will not only keep your baby cosy, but has been specially designed to ensure that baby sleeps safely and comfortably. This blanket washes beautifully and the natural elements of the Swiss wool ensure that the blanket remains smelling as fresh and clean as it resists the build-up of odours. Available in one size of 106 x 75 cm which will fit comfortably to most cot sizes it is available at a very affordable £39 which also makes it an ideal gift for new parents.

Buying from The Little Lavender Tree is really easy and delivery is quick all from the  comfort of your sofa!

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