The Little Lavender Tree is one of the UKs top online baby boutiques offering a superb selection of unique gifts to give as a present to celebrate the birth of a baby or to give to parents at a pre-birth baby shower.

When you visit The Little Lavender Tree website at you will be spoilt for choice as they offer so many adorable and gorgeous items that you can buy as a gift for a baby, and all at great prices that won’t break the bank and may even persuade you to buy more than one gift if you are feeling generous.

All of the products shown on The Little Lavender Tree website are made from the very finest quality materials and in the case of baby clothing are made to be robust for daily wear and washing whilst still looking gorgeous on baby.  And what’s more many of their gift packs are unique to The Little Lavender Tree website and you are unlikely to find them in the shops on the high street, for example the totally adorable Boxed Cupcake Bodysuit is a real winner! Designed to look like a box of super cute cupcakes, this gift set contains four bodysuits in a choice of pink, blue or lemon that are 100% cotton, machine washable for easy care and a great value gift at only £23.99.

When you buy your baby gift from The Little Lavender Tree your purchase will be gift wrapped in a paper of your choice with a personalised message and can be sent direct to your recipient.

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Getting a good night’s sleep for a baby is even more important than it is for us as adults. We all know how grouchy and unwell we can feel the next morning if we don’t sleep well because we are cold, have stomach ache etc., well for a baby this feeling could be far worse as experts recommend that a baby needs between 8 and 12 hours  every night for healthy growth and development.

One of the most important factors that can help your baby to get a good night’s sleep is creating the  right environment so placing your cot in a quiet room in the house away from the noise of the family and ensuring that baby’s bedding is lightweight, comfortable and warm to keep baby at the right temperature.

If you are looking for the very finest quality baby bedding that is warm, looks good and will stand up to the many washes that baby bedding will inevitably require then go online to The Little Lavender Tree website;, where you will find the very best in bedding for your baby plus other great items of clothing and toys for babies all at very affordable prices.

The Little Lavender Tree offers a super range of pure organic cotton bedding and Merino sleeping bags that are just perfect for your baby’s cot.  As they are made from natural fabrics this bedding will assist with regulating your baby’s body temperature so aiding a restful night sleep in total comfort.

To view the full range of bedding, clothing and toys gifts for babies at The Little Lavender Tree, visit their website at, and you can contact a member of the helpful team by filling in a form on their website.

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Are you looking to buy baby organic cotton nightwear and have yet to find any that you like in your local high street baby stores? Well if so the search ends here as the team at The Little Lavender Tree have a wonderful selection of baby organic cotton nightwear for you to buy from their online baby boutique at all from the comfort of your sofa!

The Little Lavender Tree  offer a range of truly delightful 100% Fairtrade organic cotton romper suits that are just perfect for baby’s bedtime being warm and cosy and soft on the skin. They are made from 100% Fairtrade organic cotton and to avoid skin irritation have nickel free poppers. As with all Little Lavender Tree items they are machine washable for ease of care.

These organic cotton romper suits are available in two sizes for babies of 0-6 months and 6-12 months and not only do they look adorable but the price of them is adorable too, as they are priced at only £18.90 or £19.00 depending on which design you select.

You can choose from striped or plain, blue elephant, nautical stripes, and many more designs and colour ways all of which can be seen on their website.

To view organic cotton nightwear for your baby and the other delightful clothes in The Little Lavender Tree range, simply visit their website today or for enquires, contact a member of the helpful team by filling in a form on their website.

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It is widely believed that baby showers are a modern day occasion originating in the USA as a way for the mother to be and her female friends to celebrate the imminent birth of a child. But in actual fact, baby showers have been taking place in many countries all over the world for many years. For example, in China it is traditional that a baby shower is held one month after the baby is born and in Armenia, a baby shower is celebrated 40 days after baby’s birth.   The one thing that all baby showers seem to have in common whichever country of the world they are held in is that a baby shower includes the presentation of gifts to the parents to be at that party.

If you have been invited to a baby shower and are desperately searching online for a suitable gift for the mother to be then the team at top online baby boutique The Little Lavender Tree will be happy to help with a wide selection of gifts for baby that are an excellent mixture between adorable and useful and all at very affordable prices that will show you care but won’t break the bank!

The Little Lavender Tree can be found at where you will find some wonderful baby shower gifts all of which are the very finest quality and very different and unique from those gifts that you will find in high street shops. For example you will just fall in love with their cupcake gift sets that are shaped to look like gorgeous yummy cupcakes but are actually a gift set of four totally adorable bodysuits, presented in a cake box.

To view the full range of baby shower gift sets and other great gift ideas at The Little Lavender Tree, visit their website at, and you can contact a member of the helpful team by filling in a form on their website.

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