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We  have noticed a growing demand for unique personalised baby gifts, so what better way to give a gift that is truly bespoke by adding your own unique stamp? At the Little Lavender Tree, our main aim has always been to provide the highest quality baby gifts.  We believe that every new born baby is unique and special and this should be true of the gifts they receive.

From baby boy hampers to baby girl gift sets, we offer a wide range of presents for new born babies.  We are thrilled that we can now personalise the gifts within each hamper, adding to the attention to detail and high quality that our customers have come to expect.

From our family run business based in Berkshire,  we are excited to be able to offer an in house embroidery service on many of our ranges, including baby blankets, dressing gowns, bibs and baby comforters.  As this service is run from our headquarters, we can offer whatever wording you would like on your personalised baby gifts.  Some ideas include the following:


  • Love from your big sister
  • All our love, Nanny and Grandad
  • Lots of love from your big brother.
  • We can add names, dates, kisses and hearts.


We can offer any kind of personalisation, including the name and date of birth of the new arrival.  You can even pick the colour and font, so the message is truly unique. We can also offer a matching set of personalised gifts; so how about matching dressing gowns for a big sister and her new sibling?


We are incredibly proud of the quality of our hampers and giftsets. Please be assured that this is reflected from the quality of the materials to the gift wrapping and final presentation. Each and every product can be lovingly giftwrapped if requested and this is all part of the service. To browse through our new range and to give you some inspiration, take a look at  the latest page of our website <link>.

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What do you buy when you’re invited to a christening? Etiquette used to dictate that only the godparents had to bring presents, but most of us would much rather take a little something along. But what to buy? The Little Lavender Tree has once again taken the stress out of a social situation for us, and put together a range of beautiful gifts suitable for christenings.

Whether you believe that christening presents should be something that will last forever, or a toy for now, there will be something in their range for you. For something that will endure, how about a keepsake box? Available in pink, blue or cream, they are beautiful boxes with pockets and spaces of various different sizes to store those precious memories such as baby’s hospital bracelet, first tooth, lock of hair, favourite baby toy and so on. It’s a gift that parents and child will treasure for ever. A melamine plate, bowl and cup gift set in pink or blue will be a practical gift that will get plenty of use over the first few years of a child’s life, and on picnics for many years afterwards. Or you could buy a traditional wooden toy. So much choice!

Christening Gifts

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As the Christmas holidays come to a close, and you, as parents of young children, think that moving to a bigger house is the only solution to accommodate all the new toys and accessories that well meaning relatives and friends have bought for your children this Christmas, don’t worry, you are not alone. Having just realised the amount my three children have received this Christmas (plus one birthday a few days before) I feel overwhelmed..overwhelmed by all this stuff! Most of it will be probably overlooked within a matter of days and will just clutter my house for months to come!

I always find it quite extraordinary to see people  going shopping again on Boxing Day..I have to say I am rubbish at bargain hunt during the sales..I hate the mess, the crowds and the general frenzy..Nothing to me beats the comfort of online shopping!

This article seems a bit rich from someone who owns an online shop for babies and children clothing, accessories and gifts (The Little Lavender Tree), I admit! What I am trying to say, probably very badly, is that quality to me is far more important than quantity.. I love baby gifts that have been thought of with the recipient in mind (and their parents!), good quality, good design, functional, that have been made in fair trade conditions, with the best materials, preferably organic. I really don’t like it when my mum comes home with something looking cheap saying what a bargain it was! And you’ll be guaranteed that it won’t last very long. Who needed it in the first place anyway?

I still treasure some of the quality baby gifts and clothes that my children were bought as babies, in fact I still treasure some of my favourite toys I had as a child..a good 40 years ago 😉 )

At the Little Lavender Tree ( I make sure I only source products that I would like my children to receive, that I would love to give and that parents will want to treasure.. No matter how stereotypical it is, to me, less is definitely more!

Happy New Year everyone!

Erika xxx