A Guide to the 10 best Christening Gifts

With the arrival of a brand new Royal Baby just around the corner  here is our hitlist for the perfect Christening gift.

Buying a gift for a Christening is always a tricky purchase, should it be something to keep, something for the baby to play with now, should it be a traditional or a contemporary gift ..and what about when the child to be christened is not a baby anymore?

Personally I think something to keep as a memento is great. Something with a contemporary twist, but nevertheless long lasting.

At The Little Lavender Tree we offer a great choice of traditional keepsakes, which, in some cases, can also be personalised.

Here is a list of what we personally think are the best 10 Christening gifts:

Christening Gift idea #1: MyBabyLog baby memory boxes are the perfect place to store all your baby keepsakes safely. Made from a super strong material, this a  truly special way for parents, grandparents or godparents to help create a family heirloom. It contains:

  • 2 storage areas suitable for larger and smaller items (baby’s first clothes, blanket, or favourite toy)
  • A special pocket neatly tied with a pretty ribbon for storing treasured memories like your baby scan photos 
  • A pocket to put your little one’s first photo.
  • Includes 3 little storage pots for keeping baby’s first curl, baby’s first tooth and hospital wrist or ankle band.
  • Delicately finished with hinges and a clasp.
  • Includes a family tree for you to complete includes a sweet poem for a new baby


Christening gift idea#2: We adore these music boxes available in blue and pink, that play a sweet lullaby, while the little ducks dance around in a circle and spin simultaneously. At only 19.99 they won’t break the bank, but will look really stylish in a nursery.


Christening gift #3: A personalised Carousel Moneybox, is one of our most popular gifts. The horses do move up and down when the carousel is turned around and the engraving suits a name and date of birth or Christening date. Priced £29.99, can also be delivered Next Day, for the last minute purchase!


Christening idea #4: If the child is not a baby anymore, we adore these ride-on toys, beautifully designed in Italy. They can be used until the child is 6 years old and they run perfectly smoothly on any surface, carpeted or hard flooring likewise.


Christening idea #5: A crazy but really fun idea.. a spa set made of a beautifully soft bath robe, with matching slippers, in a Royal Baby theme..Fit for your very own Prince or Princess!

Bam Bam Robe & Slippers Gift set

Christening idea#6: How about a personalised name frame, that will look really cute in any nursery. They can be personalised with the child’s name, date of birth of Christening date. We have lots of different designs available. all handmade in different textures and materials. https://www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk/product-category/gifts/name-frames/

Christening idea #7: If you want to treat the child with a toy that they can play with now, we are great fans of traditional toys that can stimulate creative play for hours. We absolutely love these activity sets by Swedish brand Oskar & Ellen, that can entertain for hours and are so easy to carry aroundas they come in a lovely and practical bag. https://www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk/product-category/playtime/activity-toys/

Christening idea #8: A traditional keepsake, this silver sterling personalised expanding bracelet, is absolutely adorable and can be kept for years to come as a lovely memento of the day. https://www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk/shop/personalised-silver-childs-expanding-bracelet/

Christening idea #9: Another Christening idea that is so popular with our customers.. A personalised china breakfast set with the day of the week the child was born.. a lovely keepsake that is also practical! https://www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk/shop/personalised-mondays-child-is-breakfast-set/

Christening idea#10: And finally we are in love with these musical snowglobes by Bam Bam, traditional nursery decorations, with a contemporary twist.  It will look stunning in any nursery while soothing baby at the same time.

Musical Snowglobe – Baby Blue


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