Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If one of your friends is having a baby, it can be difficult to find a suitable baby shower gift.  After all, so much of what’s available is gender-specific, which can be difficult.  But have a look at the Little Lavender Tree, as they have some really gorgeous gift ideas, and you’re certain to find something that will charm both you and potential parents.  What’s more, many of their gifts are ‘gender-neutral’, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong.

For instance, how about the Baby Memory Keepsake Box?  It’s the perfect place for new parents to keep all those little memories over the years.  There are several storage compartments for little clothes, blankets or toys, space for baby scan pictures and other photos, and little pots for precious items like the baby’s hospital wrist band.  Or if you prefer, there are lots of different hampers with clothes, baby toys and shoes, some of which even contain a gift for mummy too.

The Little Lavender Tree can also gift wrap your present and send it direct, so even if you can’t attend the baby shower for some reason, your friend can still have her gift. Perfect!

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