If you, as parents of young children, think that moving to a bigger house is the only solution to accommodate all the new toys and accessories that well meaning relatives and friends have bought for your children this Christmas, don’t worry, you are not alone. Having just realised the amount my three children have received this Christmas (plus one birthday a few days before) I feel overwhelmed..overwhelmed by all this stuff! Most of it will be probably overlooked within a matter of days and will just clutter my house for months to come!

I always find it quite extraordinary to see people  going shopping again on Boxing Day..I have to say I am rubbish at bargain hunt during the sales..I hate the mess, the crowds and the general frenzy..Nothing to me beats the comfort of online shopping!

This article seems a bit rich from someone who owns an online shop for babies and children clothing, accessories and gifts (The Little Lavender Tree), I admit! What I am trying to say, probably very badly, is that quality to me is far more important than quantity.. I love baby gifts that have been thought of with the recipient in mind (and their parents!), good quality, good design, functional, that have been made in fair trade conditions, with the best materials, preferably organic. I really don’t like it when my mum comes home with something looking cheap saying what a bargain it was! And you’ll be guaranteed that it won’t last very long. Who needed it in the first place anyway?

I still treasure some of the quality baby gifts and clothes that my children were bought as babies, in fact I still treasure some of my favourite toys I had as a child..a good 40 years ago 😉 )

At the Little Lavender Tree (www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk) I make sure I only source products that I would like my children to receive, that I would love to give and that parents will want to treasure.. No matter how stereotypical it is, to me, less is definitely more!

Happy New Year everyone!

Erika xxx

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