Gifts for Naming Ceremonies

The etiquette for bringing gifts to naming ceremonies, including christenings, is complicated. Time was when only the godparents or sponsors would take a gift, but probably few of us nowadays would like to attend without taking even a small offering! But what do you give? Some people prefer something special, that will last, and be used for many years to come, while others prefer a gift that will be used every day, even if only for a few years.

Whatever your preference and budget, the Little Lavender Tree has a lovely range of gifts suitable for naming ceremonies, and you’re sure to be able to find something you like.  For an unusual and special gift, how about a baby memory keepsake box? Available in pink, cream or blue, they have boxes and pockets for mummy to store all those little bits and pieces over the years, such as the hospital wristband, first tooth to fall out, a favourite rattle or baby toy, a particularly sweet baby outfit and so on.  It’s a gift that will be kept for years, and enjoyed by both parents and, in due course, the child themselves.

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