Quality Newborn Baby Boy Gift Ideas

Do you need some inspiration for a gift for a newborn baby boy? If you want to buy a really lovely, high quality gift, then take a look at the Little Lavender Tree. We stock a whole range of beautiful items that would make fabulous newborn gifts, no matter what your gift budget. Buying a gift from a whole group of friends or colleagues? How about a hamper? The selection of hampers for baby boys includes colour themes from bright to pastel, all with a selection of goods for both mummy and baby, including sleepsuits, babygros, vests, shoes, rattles, little toys and massage oil.

Or if you want something a little bit unusual, how about a baby sleeping bag? Available in soft, natural merino, a fabulous wool that doesn’t scratch but keeps baby beautifully warm, and in a range of lovely colours and patterns, this will be a useful and welcome gift. The Little Lavender Tree also has a range of sleepsuits, shoes, babygros, and baby clothing gift sets, if that’s more your style. Or you could choose a toy, perhaps a comforter or rattle. Whatever you choose, it can either be sent to you, or gift-wrapped and sent direct to your friends with a special gift message.

For more information, contact  erika@thelittlelavendertree.co.uk or fill in the contact form on the website www.thelittlelavendertree.co.uk

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