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Fairy Magic Door – Celebration Town House


Set to be n.1 gift, this is a delightful little door to allow fairies and magical friends to live in your home!

It is a perfect gift for anyone with an imagination, who would like to share their home with fairies.

Door:  H21 x W 13cm

What you are buying:

This set includes a bubblegum pink door with with a string of handmade fabric bunting. The lovely accessories can be purchased separately.

Add one of the gorgeous accessories:

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  • Simply sit the door on or above your skirting board in the kitchen, bedroom, nursery or on the stairs or landing for the whole family to share
  • Once the door is installed, you need to write a little invitation on the notelet supplied:
  • ‘Dear Fairies, please come and live in my house. Your new home has a pink front door’ . The next morning a fairy or magical friend will have moved in.
  • You can leave notes and little flowers at the door and you never know… you might even get a reply


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