Growing Flowers Wall Stickers


These flowers wall stickers can bring the blooms of the garden right inside your rooms. Whether you are decorating your children’s room or one of your primary rooms, if you want multicoloured flowers to perpetually dance inside your home, these can be the perfect stickers for you. They can be easily used in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or playroom.

. They are made of eco-friendly transparent film so they can also be used on glass partitions and larger windows and doors. These wall stickers come with waterborne adhesive. They can stick to any surface including glass, metal, wood, ceiling and painted walls – just make sure that the surface is clean and devoid of grease and moisture.

• Comes in 1 sheet : 50cm(w) x 70cm(h)
• Grass Length : 78cm approx.
• Longest stem including flower: around 54cm, Biggest Flower: 12cm(w) x 9.5cm(h)

Material: Transparent Film (Eco-friendly, repositionable, removable, water-borne adhesive)

Can be applied to any flat surfaces such as wallpaper, painted wall or ceiling, cupboard, furniture, glass, metal, or even in bathrooms.

Easy to apply and can be removed without leaving a sticky residue

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