The Benefits of Pure Cotton and Swiss Wool Baby Bedding

As a new parent you will appreciate that a good night’s sleep is essential for the healthy growth and development of baby, and putting your baby to bed in a warm and cosy safe environment that will keep her/him at the right temperature will help to ensure a good night’s sleep for both baby and for yourself, with less intervals of broken sleep and crying due to discomfort.

For the very best in bedding for your baby visit one of the most popular retail websites for unique clothing, bedding and toys for babies and children, The Little Lavender Tree

The Little Lavender Tree offers a truly delightful selection of bedding for your baby that is made from the very finest materials, will wash beautifully time after time and still look good and is very affordably priced.

One of The Little Lavender Tree’s best sellers is their 100% natural Swiss wool and organic cotton blanket which is the perfect choice for your baby’s bedding. The totally natural materials of this baby blanket will help to regulate baby’s temperature meaning that he/she will have a restful night’s sleep as baby will maintain the ideal  body temperature so enabling him/her to sleep through without periods of waking up due to being uncomfortably hot or feeling the cold.

The Little Lavender Tree Swiss wool and organic cotton blanket will not only keep your baby cosy, but has been specially designed to ensure that baby sleeps safely and comfortably. This blanket washes beautifully and the natural elements of the Swiss wool ensure that the blanket remains smelling as fresh and clean as it resists the build-up of odours. Available in one size of 106 x 75 cm which will fit comfortably to most cot sizes it is available at a very affordable £39 which also makes it an ideal gift for new parents.

Buying from The Little Lavender Tree is really easy and delivery is quick all from the  comfort of your sofa!

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